Whole-House Generators

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The #1 Name in Standby Power

Find a company that installs whole-house generators in Arcade, North Collins & Springville, NY

M & M Holland Propane installs whole-house generators in Arcade, North Collins, Springville, NY and surrounding areas. Power outages can wreak havoc on your business. Without power, your refrigerated goods will spoil and your business might be forced to close. You can avoid these issues with a whole-house, or standby, generator.

You can rely on our installers to hook up your gas line and install a whole-house generator at your home or commercial facility. We install top-of-the-line gas and propane Generac generators that include a full manufacturer's warranty.

Contact us today with any questions about our whole-house generator installation services. Our experts can return once a year to perform maintenance on your generator.

Power your entire home or just the essentials

M & M Holland Propane installs reliable Generac generators in the Arcade, North Collins & Springville, NY areas. We can install your Generac generator to automatically operate your fridge, heat pump or lights during a power outage. As soon as the power goes out, your standby generator will activate to keep the power on. Whole-house generators:

  • Start quickly and automatically
  • Can power your entire home
  • Provide safety during blackouts
  • Reduce insurance rates
  • Keep refrigerated products from spoiling
  • Eliminate downtime

Arrange for standby generator installation or maintenance by calling 716-592-7242 now.