Ductless Mini Split Installations

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Enjoy More Effective Heating and Cooling

Plan a ductless mini-split installation in Arcade, North Collins or Springville, NY

Does your HVAC unit take up a lot of space? Do some rooms in your home change temperature more drastically than others? M & M Holland Propane has a solution. We complete ductless mini-split installations for clients in the Arcade, North Collins & Springville, NY areas. Mini-split units are a great way to have better control over your indoor temperatures while having more free space in your home or office.

Our skilled and experienced pros typically take about one day to install a three-foot indoor unit from LG. Learn more about our ductless mini-split installation process by reaching out today.

Understand the benefits of a mini-split unit

Understand the benefits of a mini-split unit

There are several reasons why ductless mini-split installation projects are becoming more popular. Many property owners appreciate that mini-split units...

  • Allow for more individual control
  • Take up little space
  • Are highly affordable to install
  • Are energy-efficient and eco-friendly
Because we both sell and install mini-split systems, you won't have to work with multiple companies to get the project done. Reach out today for ductless mini-split installation services.